Indirock is a new bouldering wall coming to Southend!

Bouldering is the simplest form of rock climbing, no need for ropes or harnesses. Just a pair of shoes, some chalk and you’re ready to go.
Because it doesn’t require ropes, bouldering makes you feel really free. You focus more on technique, balance, power and problem solving, without worrying about heights.
Bouldering is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. It’s fun, a great way to keep fit and very sociable.

When will we launch?

That’s a good question! We’re more or less ready to start our building works and had planned to launch phase 1 of Indirock this summer… Then Coronavirus hit.

We’re currently taking it day by day, doing everything we can to prepare as though nothing had happened, but meanwhile waiting until the instructions around social isolation on building sites are lifted. Although the delays are heartbreaking, we don’t want to be responsible for putting anyone at risk.

 Thank you to everyone for your words of encouragement, whatever happens we will open soon and when we do, we’ll just have to put on an even bigger launch party!

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