Private coaching

Are you keen to develop your climbing and bouldering skills but prefer to learn in a private setting? Why not explore private coaching at Indirock! We currently have four talented instructors ready to work with you.


The basics


  • Our private coaching is either 1:1 or 1:2
  • £50 for an hour-long session
  • OR £120 for 3x hour-long sessions


If you’d like to book for a larger number of people, just drop us an email on and we can arrange something for you!


Our coaches

Private coaching with Jack Thomas at Indirock

Jack Thomas

Routesetter & coach

"I’ve been coaching for 4 years; people of all ages and abilities. I like to think of my coaching style as getting people comfortable and relaxed, understanding their own body and teaching climbing as a skill, with an emphasis on flow and technique. I like to delve into mindset and combine that with movement to improve on the wall."⁠

Indirock Private Coaching

Jess Nolan


"I've been climbing for 8 years now and have been coaching for almost 4 years with a CWI qualification. When I coach I like to focus on self confidence and problem solving to enable you to use the skills I teach outside of the sessions. Throughout my time climbing and competing I have gained a plethora of off and on the wall training techniques which can be used alongside climbing to increase your development. My favourite style to climb is crimpy overhangs so if you’re looking to improve this style or are looking for some girl power then come and join me for a session!"

Private coaching with Adam Snow at Indirock

Adam Snow

Routesetter & coach

"I have been climbing for about 6 years now, I wouldn’t call this sport my hobby but an obsession. I specialise in competition bouldering and dynamic movements.⁠ What I can teach you is how to climb with purpose, confidence and precision. I am a CWI qualified instructor with multiple years of experience running sessions with a range of age groups and abilities. Book with me if you wanna level up!"⁠

Private coaching with James Carter at Indirock

James Carter

Routesetter & Coach

"My passion for climbing started around 6 years ago when I accidentally stumbled upon this sport. Since then, I have obtained qualifications such as CWI, RSI and foundation coaching levels 1,2&3.⁠ In my first year of climbing I realised how much it improved my fitness levels and I haven't stopped since. ⁠Each person's body is different - way of training is not "everyone do this" but tailored around each individual."⁠

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