Youth coaching

At Indirock, we love seeing young climbers progress, and we don’t want the cost of climbing to stop them. So in 2023 we launched a new Child Coaching Membership for under 18s. ⁠⁠


Indirock is an accredited NICAS provider, which is the national programme for climbing and bouldering coaching in the UK. NICAS can take children from beginner right through to elite level.⁠⁠


This new membership wraps up our instructed sessions (NICAS and Youth Squad) with our unlimited climbing memberships. For £60 per month direct debit, the same price as four instructed sessions, we now throw in unlimited climbing for free!

⁠Being able to climb any time takes the pressure off your wallet if your child isn’t able to make every coach session. The membership is on a direct debit with us, just like our other memberships, and will be the same whether you’re on our NICAS courses or in the Youth Squad.⁠

For our full timetable of classes covered by this membership, head here:

What is NICAS?

National Indoor Climbing Award Schemes (NICAS®) are an introduction to climbing and provide a gateway to learning more about the sport. The key aim is to provide a safe introduction to indoor bouldering for young people aged 3 and up. With logbooks to work through and certificates for achievement, the NICAS scheme gives candidates a great start to their climbing journeys.


What is our Youth Squad?

If your child shows potential and the right attitude to progress, they might be selected for our Youth Squad. Our Youth Squad also follows the NICAS syllabus but goes into the higher grades, working towards exciting goals such as youth competitions or outdoor climbing trips. 


Big news

In autumn 2023 we made the big move of dropping our minimum age for general climbing to 4 years old! This means that 4-5 year olds on our Wild Climbers NICAS course can make full use of the new membership too.

Want to introduce your child to a life-long love of bouldering?