Indirock Youth Squad

Indirock’s Youth Squad: All you need to know

Indirock is launching a new Youth Squad, for young climbers aged 6-17 who show promise.


Is your child aged 6 to 17 and has a real passion for climbing? If so, they might be interested in joining our new Youth Squad! 

Indirock’s Youth Squad will be a regular weekly coached session, supporting young climbers towards goals beyond Southend and Indirock. We will organise trips to bouldering walls further afield. We will also build up to experiencing outdoor climbing and/or competing in youth competitions. 

While our nationally accredited NICAS courses take young climbers through levels 1 & 2 of NICAS, Indirock’s Youth Squad will work through NICAS levels 3 and above. Following the NICAS syllabus has the potential to take climbers to elite level, and does not end at the age of 18.

The best way to be selected for our Youth Squad is to join one of our NICAS courses, advertised here. But to give you another option, on 20th May we’ll host a one day event where our coaches will be selecting young climbers to join our Youth Squad. Book the trial day here.

Spaces on the squad are limited, but don’t worry! We will be holding further trial days in the near future. We also continuously select children for the squad from our NICAS courses, which you’re welcome to join any time.