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IndiBlock Stars returns…unlike most sequels, it’s bigger and better!

IndiBlock Stars is back, promising an exhilarating winter adventure for all climbing enthusiasts!⁠

As Indirock’s laid-back community boulder league, we’re gearing up for three qualification rounds spanning from December to February, culminating in an epic finals event coinciding with our 2nd birthday bash in March 2024 🥳⁠

Here’s a breakdown of the qualification rounds happening in the initial week of each month (check below). Participants can revisit and bolster their scorecards as many times as they like within each round.⁠

Qualification Round Schedule:


  • Round 1: 4th to 9th December⁠
  • Round 2: 2nd to 6th January⁠
  • Round 3: 5th to 10th February⁠


IndiBlock Stars caters to climbers of all skill levels, focusing on fostering enjoyment among Indirock regulars while allowing them to track their progress. So, mark your calendars and join in the fun!⁠

Stay ahead of the game by reserving your scorecard for each round via our new Beta app now. Ignore the time slot given for these – once booked, you can collect your scorecard any time that week. 

Our shift to Beta for all events ensures you stay informed through your Beta app profile. 

Here’s the scoop on the rules:

To qualify for the finals, participants need to take part in at least two rounds. But this year there’s a surprise twist! The highest score from the male and female category in each round get an “automatic pass” to the finals!

Due to time and space, as before our finals will have a male and female category with six individuals in each category. That means that three of the finalists will secure their spot through an automatic pass, and three in each category will get a place through their two best scores in the qualification rounds. 

With the new “automatic pass” structure, a climber only needs to be fast tracked once. So if your rival is fast tracked in the first round, you have a chance to be fast tracked in the next one! 

We will also have scoreboards for our non-binary, paraclimber, veteran (over 45 years), under 18 and under 12 categories. 


In each round, there will be 25 routes to conquer and scoring follows the usual pattern: 10 points for a flash, 7 for the second try, 4 for the third, and 1 for attempts thereafter (no zone points).

Mega raffle prizes in each round!

If getting to the finals isn’t your goal, this year’s IndiBlock Stars has something special for you. Each round will feature an amazing array of raffle prizes, ranging from a complimentary month’s membership at Welcome Gym or Indirock, to sports massages and private 1-to-1 climbing coaching sessions!

Book your score card now!

We’re looking forward to seeing you on the mat, ready to showcase your climbing journey alongside your friends and share the excitement of your progress!

Indirock is Essex’s biggest bouldering wall, offering top quality indoor rock climbing for all ages. We also have a great coffee shop!