Group of beginner climbers at Indirock

What to expect at Indirock, and 5 tips for your bouldering session

Indirock is Southend-on-sea’s first dedicated bouldering wall and home to Hugo’s Pantry Coffee Shop. We’ve welcomed literally thousands of climbers through our doors since opening two months ago: everyone from the age of 1 up has experienced what we have to offer and the feedback is goooood.

Inductions, climbing shoes, routesetting, parties….this all forms part of the Indirock experience, but we’re well aware that there are people out there who have never climbed before and may be a bit stumped by all the info we’re pumping out on our socials. So this blog is for you. If you’ve ever wondered ‘what will it be like when I go to Indirock?’ then read on.

What to expect at Indirock

First of all, Indirock is a bouldering wall. Bouldering is very simply climbing without ropes. The walls are lower, and there’s plenty of matting. All you need are some climbing shoes and some chalk and you’re ready to go (available for hire and soon for sale at the front desk). 

You’ll likely see a lot of our regular climbers when you visit, many of them have memberships but many are beginners so you’ll be in good company. What you’ll probably notice is that they come in all shapes and sizes! Bouldering isn’t about being super fit and muscly: most decent climbers are agile, flexible and strong, but they’re not always skinny and athletic looking. That’s why it’s suitable for people of all ages, abilities and shapes. We welcome beginners, and help experienced climbers hone their skills: there is no judgment here.

One of the biggest questions we get asked is about booking. The good news is, you don’t need to book: just register and rock up. It saves you time if you pre-register and watch our safety video before your first visit (although you can also do this when you arrive). When you’re in, you’re in. There are no 1 hour slots or session times. You can stay for 5 minutes, or all day! And Hugo’s Pantry Coffee Shop is always there to fill a few holes and quench that thirst.

There’s a buzz here and that’s something that’s been picked up on since day one. We’re a mixed bunch and we attract a mixed bag. We host birthday parties for kids and adults, and our weekends can get busy. However we also cater for those with sensory needs and offer some quiet sessions, calm areas to sit and relax, and one of our toilets is hand-dryer free to help create a comfortable environment for all our customers. 

And most importantly you’ll notice that we love what we do! Our staff love climbing, our pals at Hugo’s Pantry love climbing, our customers love climbing. If you’d like help, advice, to chat about technique or to understand anything about our business we’d love for you to come and say hi.

In fact our team are so committed they’ve even created this top 5 things you need to know about bouldering for you…


  1. Just climb. Don’t be afraid to fail, and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself! The best climbers are the ones who are enjoying every moment
  2. Instead of pulling up with your biceps, hang with straight arms and try to grip the holds less. It’ll take the strain off your forearms and mean your session lasts longer! 
  3. Use your legs. In place of biceps, try pushing up with your legs – use your largest muscles to your advantage
  4. Take enough breaks – you may surprise yourself by how much your climbing improves 
  5. If you like it, invest in some shoes


That’ll get you started – now all you need to do is rock up!