Indirock Nicas

What Is NICAS And How to Get Involved

If you’ve been hanging around Indirock or any other climbing walls regularly you may have heard of NICAS, but if you’re a recent climbing convert we’ve got some explaining to do…

What is NICAS? 


NICAS stands for National Indoor Climbing Award Schemes and it does what is says on the tin. NICAS is a UK-wide scheme for those aged 3 years of age right through to adult, and it promotes climbing development. Because climbing can benefit the body and the mind, it’s a great activity for young people, especially when led by quality coaches.

Why did Indirock want to get involved?


We wanted to become a NICAS centre because like them, we believe in improving confidence, competence and supporting our climbers to progress. By working their way towards nationally recognised awards, our younger climbers can feel a real sense of pride as they work their way up.

Indirock delivers NICAS Wild Climbers, for ages 3-5, and NICAS Bouldering Levels 1 and 2 through our courses for ages 6-9 and 10-17. Young people in our Youth Squad can work towards the higher NICAS grades. The scheme itself runs from Level 1 through to Level 5. Level 1 is the entry level for those new to the sport, and Level 5 is for those at performance level, competing locally or nationally.

So how do you know a NICAS course is for you, or your child?


Well for a start, all participants start at Level 1, even if they have previous bouldering experience. This means all attendees are starting on a level playing field. Of course, if climbers do have previous experience this may allow them to progress more quickly through the scheme.

Climbing in itself is fantastic for young people: it teaches them focus, mindfulness, problem-solving, agility, core strength and the social side of climbing means they support each other and quickly build a sense of camaraderie. 

The best way to start is to bring your child along for a climb and whet their appetite!

How do we sign up?


Indirock is so passionate about getting young people into climbing, we’ve actually developed a special package – our Child Coaching Membership – which gives young climbers maximum access to our wall, for minimum investment.

Our new Child Coaching Membership means kids get access to our NICAS sessions AND unlimited climbing for £60/month. Sign up here.

This is the same price as four instructed sessions, so you’re really getting the £35 unlimited climbing membership for free! 

If you’d like to give your child the best support on their climbing journey, working towards achievable goals while making new friends – NICAS is for you.

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